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Winter 2018 Open Cup Draw

Author: Adrian Jones, 07/11/18

Famous Trophies

Here's what you could of won . . . Draw and dates inside . . .

The preliminary and first round draw for the Open Cup is below, games are scheduled for week beginning 12th November on the home teams home night. 

If your team is not in the preliminary round then you have a bye until round 1

Preliminary Round

Top Q Destroyers vs Mighty Oaks

Bravehearts vs Whitesmiths Arms

Old Bell Patriots vs The Treddy

All Felt Up vs Pikey Potters

Chalk is Cheap vs Glevum Inn

Rowdy Ramblers vs Furious Flamingos

Round 1

All Felt Up/ Pikey Potters vs The Artists

Old Bell Patriots/ The Treddy vs The Misfits

Top Q Destroyers/ Mighty Oaks vs Old Bell Tigers

Ramblers Cream Team vs Alpha Cue

Deans Walk Inn vs Top Q Veterans

Untouchables vs Chalk is Cheap/ Glevum Inn

Rowdy Ramblers/ Furious Flamingos vs Top Q Galacticos

St James Club vs Bravehearts/ Whitesmiths Arms

Here's the names of the famous cups . . . ADD Gloucester Pool League Open Cup to the list !!

Column One
Row 1 FIFA World Cup (Soccer)
Row 2 Screen Actors Guild Award
Row 3 Grammy Award
Row 4 Borg-Warner (Indy 500)

Column Two
Row 1 Stanley Cup (NHL)
Row 2 Commissioner's Trophy (MLB)
Row 3 FA Cup (Soccer)
Row 4 Kentucky Derby (Horse Racing)

Column Three
Row 1 Academy Award
Row 2 MTV Video Award
Row 3 America’s Cup (Sailing)
Row 4 Larry O'Brien Trophy (NBA)

Column Four
Row 1 Vince Lombardi Trophy (NFL)
Row 2 Emmy Award
Row 3 Philip Anschutz Trophy (MLS)
Row 4 Webby Award (Internet)

Column Five
Row 1 MTV Movie Award
Row 2 Golden Raspberry Award
Row 3 Tony Award (Theatre)
Row 4 Ryder Cup (Golf)

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